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Initiation Therapy with Shamanic Healing®

Transdisciplinary approach

Initiation Therapy is an initiatory process, a path from the illness, blocking and fear that imprison us to the freedom and joy of Being.

It provides an encounter with the secret of the you and yourself, the self of the core.

It helps to unblock and to find the full creative potential of each person, as a unique individual.

Each person starts to become “themself”.

The connection with the dimension transpersonal begins and is consolidated, the obstacles are identified and practices are provided for maintaining that connection.

Initiation Therapy with Shamanic Healing® is a short and deep therapy.

Shamanic Healing treats diseases, applying techniques and methods based on ancestral core shamanic healing and on the methodology that has inspired me through shamanic practice since 1995 and through the application of shamanic healing since 2002.

Shamanic healing is recognised by the World Health Organisation.

Shamanic Healing, the natural Art of Healing, acts on all components of the Human Being: physical and psychic components and awareness.

The methodology co-created actively involves the patient, adapted to the reality of the present day, and I am constantly enchanted by the effectiveness, beauty and love that it involves.

Shamanic Healing is a deep process, carried out in connection with vibratory levels of light and sound that operate at cell and DNA level, transforming patterns and codes in harmonic tune with the frequencies of cosmic, transformational, healing and inspiring energies.

Initiation Therapy with Shamanic Healing® is a complement for more conventional therapeutic processes, such as psychotherapies and medical treatments.

It is never a substitute for psychic and medical treatments.

After the treatment, there is a general sense of well-being, with positive emotions.

The time and space for the Being and the Mystery that involve processes of transformation and healing act on this process of Initiation Therapy with Shamanic Healing®, in which it is recognised that the words heal and save have the same meaning.

Confidentiality and respect for personal values and beliefs are the main ethical guidelines.

Situations to which it applies:

  • Human Development
  • Stress management
  • Chronic illnesses and illnesses without scientific explanation
  • Imbalance of the nervous or immune systems
  • Depression and deep sadness
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Continuous and recurrent problems
  • Addictions to food, alcohol and other drugs
  • Relationship problems
  • Fragmentation of reality
  • Problems with sleep, visions, voices, dreams and nightmares
  • Behavioural issues at any age
  • Difficulties following the death of close friends or relatives
  • Physical and psychological traumas

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